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Lean In to Level Up

A moment of honesty...

One of the biggest mistakes I made in my career was attempting to figure it all out alone.

🤔 Determining how to approach difficult conversations...

🤔 Finding the courage & skill to advocate for myself...

🤔 Figuring out ways to get promotions, without burning myself out...

Fast forward to today, and it's a mistake that I see so many other women making as well. Oftentimes they come to me when they've finally had enough.

Enough hours spent doubting, wondering, and wishing

Enough headaches, tears, and frustration feeling like they aren't where they want to be...or WHO they want to be professionally.

Sound Familiar?

You're not alone.

  • You're trying to figure everything out alone, and it's exhausting. Everything from how to get more comfortable speaking up at work, to how to get that promotion that you know you deserve!
  • You're seeking advice from your besties and sometimes your family, but let's be honest...they haven't overcome the same obstacles so all they can really do is lend you their ear and validate your feelings. You appreciate that, but it doesn't get you the guidance you're looking for.
Here are 3 actions you can take today to begin giving yourself the attention that you deserve so that you can maximize your full potential and thrive at work...


How I Took Ownership of My Career & How

You Can Too!

Tonya Montella Career Coach for Women_edited.jpg
Tonya Montella Career Coach for Women.jpg

Feel like you need someone to talk to?
I'm here for you, girl.

Sometimes it just helps to talk things out. Whenever I get off a call with a woman who is torn between two decisions, struggling to figure out what she wants, or just needs help trying to figure out her next move, the astounding response I always get is...

"Ugh I feel SO much better now, thank you Tonya!"

As a Career Coach, supporting women in their careers is what I live for! It's something I never had throughout my 18+ year journey, but luckily I was able to scratch, claw, and cry my way to where I am today. But you shouldn't have to. Let me help you.

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