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Women's Empowerment Keynote Speaker

Hi, my name is Tonya, and I inspire women to taken ownership of their career and maximize their full potential by sharing how I've climbed the corporate ladder and navigated multiple career changes successfully. Audiences walk away understanding the keys to taking control over their own careers, as well as their personal lives, as I also share how I turned my pain from child loss into power.

Tonya Montella women empowerment keynote speaker

As a professional facilitator and trainer, I am energized by speaking in front of groups - large or small. I'm not one to simply speak to people, as I prefer to speak with people. I love to engage with my audience, provoking thought and self-reflection. Using my personal experiences as a catalyst, I provide actions the audience can take to make joy and fulfillment a reality in their own lives. 

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Your audience will be moved to take more control of their personal life and career, taking the necessary steps to achieve more joy and fulfillment in both.


Make space for self-reflection and dialogue to confirm the things that we value, and what we want for our immediate and long-term future.


Everyone will be challenged to evaluate their current state and identify ways to hold themselves accountable for ownership and action with their life and career.

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