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Career Transition Kickstarter

  • 120Days
  • 12Steps


Ever wished there was a straight-talking, no-fluff guide to pivoting your career? Look no further, because that’s exactly what the Career Transition Kickstarter is all about. This program is your complete toolkit, designed with the modern, ambitious woman in mind. When you’re ready to start getting more serious about a career shift, the course is a great place to start. It’s designed to hit that sweet spot—an approachable investment with a flexible schedule, so you can grow at your own pace in your own space. The goal is impactful change without overwhelm. Inside, you'll dive into concise video lessons that cut through the noise, delivering insights and strategies without the endless jargon. But we don’t stop there. Each lesson is paired with actionable worksheets and guides, ensuring that every "a-ha!" moment is transformed into tangible steps for your career journey. The beauty of this program? By the time you're done, you won't just have a bunch of notes. You'll be prepared with clarity, confidence, and a roadmap to approach your career transition. No second-guessing, no endless Googling. Just a clear path forward, tailored to your aspirations and strengths.


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