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 A Career Co-Pilot
can help you to get unstuck.

Let me explain...

​When you're not completely sure about the role that you want, or you're applying to 5-7 different types of roles saying "I meannn, I guess I could do that too" then you begin throwing spaghetti at the wall hoping that something will stick.

When this happens, you're not truly excited by ANY of the jobs that you apply to, and instead when you hit that "submit" button on the application you feel a little...meh!

Having clarity and a sense of surety on what you want in your career is the very first step that will guide all of the other aspects of your job search.

When you narrow your interest down to 1-2 jobs that excite you, you're able to tailor your resume to those jobs and feel much more confident when you submit your resume/application.

You're then able to be very intentional about your job search, and confident going into each interview.

Oftentimes, when it comes to understanding what we truly want in our careers, and what next step aligns most with our strengths and desires, we need an outsider's perspective to help us see the full picture.

This is what I LOVE helping my clients to achieve - clarity and confidence in their job search and careers. Here's what some of my most recent clients had to say about working with me in my Career Change Coaching Program...

Danielle Biggs_edited.png

Danielle B.

Tonya is a wonderful mentor and coach. She has been an integral part of my career development, and each coaching session provided me with insightful tools to apply to my job search and interview process. Above all, I appreciated how she took the time to truly understand my journey and genuinely became one of my biggest cheerleaders. I highly recommend her services and coaching to everyone -- she will help you harness your power!
Corinne Tramuta headshot_2.jpg

Corinne T.

My initial call with Tonya was BY FAR the best one that I've ever participated in. She took time to understand my journey and where I was looking to go, and asked thought provoking questions, which I loved. I really felt authentically myself during our conversation and left feeling calm and empowered, which was a first for me. If you're looking to work with Tonya, you will not regret it!
alicia pike headshot resume.jpg

Alicia P.

If you are looking for a career coach to help guide you through the process of successfully transitioning careers, absolutely hire Tonya! When I decided I wanted to change careers, I was very nervous to take the steps to do so and at a loss of how to do so successfully. Tonya coached me how the skills and steps I needed to take in order to make the transition smooth and with confidence. I'm so grateful for all of her help and guidance and highly recommend her for anyone looking for career change coaching!
erin anderson_edited.png

Erin A.

After my initial call with Tonya, I knew she was exactly the person I needed to coach me through pivoting my career. In our first meeting she helped me narrow down the roles I should be focusing my energy on based on my mission, skills and desired industry. Previously, I had just been applying aimlessly with no real direction but after that first meeting, I knew exactly what roles I should be applying to.
Next, Tonya thoroughly provided feedback, suggestions and edits for my resume and cover letter. This was probably my favorite part of the process and
made something I had originally dreaded doing into something I enjoyed. It also allowed me to really tap into the positions I was applying for and the companies as well to make sure there was alignment.
For all the women out there looking to make a change in their career but don't know where to begin, reach out to Tonya. She will give you the
confidence, resources and support to get that next role you want and deserve!

After starting my career 17 years ago, I've worked for Fortune 500 companies and multi-billion dollar businesses along the way, changing careers 4 times. I've had to take steps back in order to move forward, and in doing so have always been able to work my way back up to a senior role in the new career; most recently achieving a leadership position and increasing my salary by 40% in just 2 years.


I've hired and grown teams from the ground up, so I know what it takes to make you a stand-out candidate.

I'm here to help you. Book a FREE strategy call with me to take the first step in understanding where you are in your journey, where you want to be, and how we can work together to get you there.

In the meantime, if you need guidance on tailoring your resume to a role and writing an eye-catching cover letter, download my FREE guide!

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