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It's Time To
Find Ways To Improve Your Environment
Let me explain...

You either enjoy the work that you do, or the company that you do it for, but you're just not satisfied in both of these areas. It's time to take control and identify what you can change in order to improve your happiness!

Improvements to Consider


Ask For Different Projects

Sometimes we get stuck in a rut when we're not being challenged or learning something new. Be vocal about this by volunteering yourself to own a project that interests you, or ask to be given the opportunity when it arises!


Check Your Mindset

This has made a difference for me in the past. When deciding to stay at the company, it's important to also decide to make the most of it. If you've started to feel disconnected from the environment or your team, then sometimes just choosing to become more involved can make a world of difference. Participate in fun activities (or coordinate one yourself). Have more non work-related conversations. Approach everything with a more positive outlook.


Have an Honest Conversation With Your Manager

If it's the company that you're unhappy with, prepare a thoughtful and productive way of describing your concerns with your Manager. Often times they can offer a different perspective or help you to identify ways to resolve or adapt to those concerns. 


Explore Other Teams/Roles

Identify opportunities to learn about other teams or potential opportunities within the business by networking, shadowing, or partnering with someone on a project outside of your current scope of work.

For more ways to become fulfilled at work, and in your personal life, grab my eBook!
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