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Identify Your Personal Brand & Establish a Name For Yourself

How do you want to be seen at you know? 🤔

Your personal brand isn't just a buzzword, my's the essence of who you are and how you shine in the workplace.


I've been unsure of how to present myself, how to make my unique voice heard. But the good news is I found my way, and now I'm here to help you find yours.


Understanding how you want to be seen is the first step. Then, it's all about taking action! I've seen the power of personal branding, and I want to share that power with you.

How to Identify Your Personal Brand

Then Showcase It!

Step 1. Ask yourself "What do I want to be known for here?"

  • Is it the woman that's constantly making a big impact and being recognized/receiving awards because of it?

  • Is it the woman that knows her sh*t and is the go-to for all things related to your expertise?

  • Or is it something else? In every company that I join, I want to be known for producing top-notch work and being the person that everyone knows and loves.


​Step 2. List out the actions you need to take to embody that.

  • Using the examples above - if you want to be known for making a big impact and being recognized for it then you likely need to understand the ins and outs of the business/product/service, be proactive about identifying problems then dedicated to solving them, and have great leadership qualities so that you can delegate work to others that can help.

  • If you want to be known as the woman who knows her sh*t, then you'll likely need to participate in discussions where your expertise is needed, add value to the conversation, and leverage your expertise to educate & help others.

  • To live out my personal brand of producing top-notch work and being known and loved by many, I ensure that I understand what others' expectations are of my work, give 100% effort, ask for feedback along the way to make sure it hits the mark, and I make a concerted effort to build relationships with others (congratulate them on promotions/shout outs, send Happy Birthday/Anniversary messages, etc.).

How To Establish a Name For Yourself

You Got This!

But we're not done yet...

Stay tuned for tomorrow's challenge 😉

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