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Consider hiring a 
Resume Writer
Let me explain...

  • You've narrowed your interest down to 1 particular job title/category which makes it very easy for resume writers as they typically provide you with 1 version of your resume!

It's when someone is interested in multiple roles that they need a version for each of those, and that can add up if you're asking a resume writer to give you more than one version. 💰 
  • You have a solid, well-organized job search strategy and you're a beast when it comes to interviewing!
You're able to prepare for each, and go into them with confidence, which is key. 🔑
  • However, it's clear that you don't love your resume.
You feel like it doesn't pack a punch and really sell your strengths and accomplishments as well as you'd like it to.

By you having the other aspects of job searching nailed down, this is an indicator that a resume writer is all that you need.

Once this piece of the puzzle is refined, then you'll be off to the races! While I help women to polish up all of their pieces of the job searching puzzle, I know several resume writers, so feel free to contact me for a referral.

I also have a FREE resume and cover letter writing guide, which you're welcome to download. Though I wrote it for career changers, the tips provided can be applied to anyone's resume. You got this girl! ❤

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