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It looks like
You Got This!
Let me explain...

It's obvious that: 
  • You're clear on the job that you want
  • You're confident in your resume
  • You have a strong job search strategy, and
  • You're a beast at interviewing!

You know just how to prepare for each interview and are able to adapt to any question that they may throw your way. And for that, you deserve a round of applause.
It's important to remember that job hunting takes time. These days, on average, it takes jobseekers anywhere from 6-8 months to land a new job. If it's taking you longer, then I want you to evaluate these areas to understand where in your job search you may need some tweaking:

Are you getting responses/interviews from your resume?

If not, then have someone review it and give you feedback on what you can change! Take a look at the tips that I provide in my resume writing guide. Though I wrote it for career changers, the tips can be applied to any jobseeker's resume and cover letter!


Are you having trouble making it past the initial phone screen, or round 1 interview?

Then double down on your interview prep. Practice your responses to questions that you feel you stumble on. Roleplay with someone live to make your practice more real - it may be uncomfortable at first, but if you can roleplay with someone you know and get past the giggles, then you can do it in real life with a stranger!

If at any point you don't feel like you've got this, then I invite ​you to schedule your FREE strategy call with me to to identify where you may be getting stuck and how to get unstuck.
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