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Resume Rescue

Resume Writing Help


   If you just want to redesign and update your resume to make it stand out from the crowd and get employers interested in you, then let's rescue your resume. My goal is to teach you how to own your message and write it in such a way that makes it nearly impossible for recruiters to skip past.


   So rather than simply editing your resume for you (because that won't teach you the how and why), we will work together on this! That way you'll have the knowledge and skills to implement resume writing best practices indefinitely, preventing you from always needing the help of others whenever you decide to embark on a new job search in the future.

   This resume service includes:

  • Full resume review discussion

  • 2 Rounds of feedback, enabling you to learn how to implement the necessary changes

To confirm that we are a career coaching match, ensuring that you get the most out of your experience with me, we will first hold our initial strategy call to discuss your career goals. If we decide to proceed, then you'll be invited to purchase your coaching program of choice and book your next sessions with me! *Space is limited.

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What I'll Ask You To Do

The Work

This won't be a one-way street. You know yourself better than anyone else, so it's important to remember that you actually have many of the answers that you're seeking. It's my job to help you uncover them.

Be Present & Engaged

Get the most out of your experience. Eliminate distractions as we workshop and ideate together, and when you're doing so on your own time.

Be Persistent

The work doesn't stop with our calls! I'll ask you to continue to invest in yourself outside of our time together, and to come prepared with details for us to discuss. I'll hold you accountable along the way.

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