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You Could Use a Support System & 1 on 1 Mentorship

Let me explain...

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​It sounds like you're feeling the same way that as so many other women that I talk to feel.
  • You're trying to figure everything out alone, and it's exhausting. Everything from how to get more comfortable speaking up at work, to how to get that promotion that you know you deserve!
  • You're seeking advice from your besties and sometimes your family, but let's be honest...they haven't overcome the same obstacles so all they can really do is lend you their ear and validate your feelings. You appreciate that, but it doesn't get you the guidance you're looking for.
  • You're lacking confidence and a sense of surety in a number of different areas. We've all been there before! It's times like these where having a group of women to share their best practices and cheer you on can be so powerful. Add a sprinkle of 1 on 1 mentorship to the mix and BOOM...magic.
You'll go from feeling lost and alone to nurtured and guided in no time. 
Here are 3 actions you can take today to begin giving yourself the attention that you deserve so that you can maximize your full potential and thrive at work...

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Feel like you need someone to talk to?
I'm here for you, girl.

Sometimes it just helps to talk things out. Whenever I get off a call with a woman who is torn between two decisions, struggling to figure out what she wants, or just needs help trying to figure out her next move, the astounding response I always get is...

"Ugh I feel SO much better now, thank you Tonya!"

As a Career Coach, supporting women in their careers is what I live for! It's something I never had throughout my 18+ year journey, but luckily I was able to scratch, claw, and cry my way to where I am today. But you shouldn't have to. Let me help you.

If it's a tribe you're seeking, then let me tell you about

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A one-of-a-kind community that I've created for amibitious, authentic, and supportive women working to level up together. 

Can you count the number of times you wished you could get advice on something that you're navigating at work right away?

Yeah...neither can I.


You don't want to wait to talk to your bestie, or your manager, so instead you make your best guess at what to do next but you're left with a lot of uncertainty. Will it get you the response or result that you're looking for? Will it help you to show your improvement in a certain developmental area? 


We face these nail biter moments on the regular, yet we don't seek the guidance that we so desperately need to feel more confident in our day-to-day. 

Well what if I told you that you can now get in-the-moment support by a Women's Career Coach and a community of other women who may have experienced something similar.

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You know how you have that burning desire to level up in your career, but you're just not sure how?

Maybe there are things you want to improve on (self-advocacy anyone?!) but you're so busy trying to through your to-do list that you don't have the capacity for it. Maybe you don't know what sort of things you could even do to practice, say, communicating more effectively. Or you don't have anyone holding you accountable to implementing that practice.


 What if I told you that you can get access to monthly challenges to help you focus on the areas you want to improve in, an accountability partner, and group coaching calls to help you develop & advance in your career.

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Here's what you'll get:

  • Access to a diverse network of women from varying industries, fields & job levels - because there's so much to learn from each other, why be like other groups that are so specific!?

  • A safe space to be your authentic self - kick off your heels & toss the stuffy won't need it here. We chat daily in Slack!

  • The ability to be matched with another member for 1:1 accountability, mentorship, and learning

  • Monthly Zoom calls & development challengesgiving you actionable steps to reflect, grow, and excel your career

Here's what some of the ladies in a recent group coaching cohort of mine had to say about how being in a group setting made them feel...

I felt very comfortable and validated for my feelings and struggles.
Everyone made me feel very supported, while also sharing ideas that I hadn't thought of before for future opportunities. I appreciated the collaborative environment.
It gave me a window into how other women think about what they want and where they are in their pursuit of their dream career. For me, that is a major driver to pursue what I want and ask for what I think I deserve.
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You're Officially Invited!

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Community Slack Channel

Member Pairing for 1:1 Support (optional)

Monthly Calls & Development Challenges

Gift Box to Welcome You To The Group!

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